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September 20, 2019

Wastahi Campground Review - Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Wastahi Campground Review - Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Wastahi Campground is a beautiful and unique campground for many reasons.  It is located in Big Basin Redwoods State Park which is one of California's best state parks and its' oldest.  Campsites each feel secluded as they are nestled into the old-growth redwood forest.  The entire campground is walk-in tent camping which attracts a quieter camping crowd.

The parking lot and bathrooms are located at the bottom of the hill.  The lot is paved but without enough space for an RV.  The campsites range from 30 to 300 feet away from the lot and they climb up in elevation as you head toward the back of the camp.  Packing light will be an effective strategy for this campground.  Don't think you can get away with the old wagon strategy either.  The paths aren't ideal for rolling a weighted wagon.

Each of the campsites is shaded almost completely by old-growth redwoods.  They are small but designed with a decent amount of space between sites which maintains the tranquility of the setting (this statement is negated if you have rowdy camping neighbors).  There is enough space in each site for a single tent.  Most sites will only accommodate for a single 4-person tent.

The main activity of Big Basin is hiking.  Big Basin Park covers more than 18,000 acres of redwoods, much of it old growth.  Some of the forest behemoths are more than 1,000 years old!  Within the park, there are more than 80 miles of hiking trails to explore and 4 waterfalls.

The Sequoia trail (which leads to Sempervirens Falls)goes right through this campground.  Check out site #86 and see if you can identify the formal path.  I've got the Berry Falls Hike on my list of must-do hikes.

What to Bring:

  • A tent
  • Hiking shoes
  • Bug spray

Click here to view our to-scale campground site map and 360-degree photo tour.

In the Reviews:

Average of 4.6/5 between review sites.  Reviewers warned to bring Deet spray vs. citronella candles.  The bugs are beasts and to keep them away you're gonna need the real deal.  Some described the campground as loud and echoey.  A.H. from Hipcamp reviews stated, "This campground is described as 'remote' and quiet, but you can definitely see (and hear) at least three of four other tents near yours.  Maybe on a weeknight in the off-season you'd get quiet, but otherwise prepare for the typical speakers blasting at night, kids screaming in the early morning experience."

Most campers agreed that the campground was comparatively private, secluded and quiet and ideal with many hiking trails central to the camp.


  • Hiking - Berry Creek Falls, Redwood Nature Trail, Short Loop, Slippery Rock, Blooms Creek, Creeping Forest, Sempervirens Falls, and Buzzards' Roost hikes.

Favorite Sites:

#86, #97 (nicknamed the honeymoon suites), #102, 101, 100 (in that order).

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