About Campgrounds 360

Our mission is to stimulate and enhance recreational activity of all present and future generations of campers by providing campsite insight through education, visualization, and simplification of online browsing of campgrounds across the Country.


When a member of the Campgrounds 360 Team travels to a campground to collect 360° photographs, the geolocation, number of campsites and site amenities are checked for accuracies against publicly available data. Yes, that data you often see regurgitated by so many camping websites. It’s probably not shocking to read that we have made corrections in the data to most if not all of the campgrounds we have traveled to.



The most powerful tool you have while online planning for a camping trip is your sight! Photos are readily available for everything you buy and book online…except Campgrounds. Campgrounds 360 is on a mission to change the overwhelming lack of visual tools to guide you to your next camping adventure. Our completely customized 360° photo tours provide you the most powerful tool you’ve deserved for so long…sight of each campsite in a virtual reality media.



Tired of spending hours at your computer and mobile devices searching through numerous camping websites to make sure the campground and campsite you are about to book fits you and your family’s needs? Campgrounds 360 is dedicated to providing the tools to help you discover the perfect camping trip.

  • 360° photo tours
  • Dynamic Interactive Campground Location Map
    • Comprehensive Filtering, including filter by “First Come First Served Only” campgrounds. Campgrounds 360 is the only site you will find this powerful tool.
  • Direct links to each campground’s “official” website and reservation page (if applicable)
  • To-Scale Campground Site Map
  • Review and Discussion forums

*coming soon*

Campgrounds 360 is on the cusp of launching an APP that provides many of these tool for navigation on your mobile devices, including while you are off-line. The off-line feature is a game changer that needed to happen with so many campgrounds out of cell service and we are very excited to provide this tool to all of you!


By the Numbers

Currently available to members of Campgrounds 360…

  • 1,700 campgrounds and 45,000 campsites with 360° photographs
  • 20,100 campgrounds across all 50 States available to search with filtering 

    • (2,800 campground locations in Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi and Pennsylvania were added in February, 2024)

    • (2,000 campground locations in Nevada, New Hamshire, New Jersey, Utah, Washington and Wyoming were added in September, 2023)

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