September 20, 2019

Jay Trail Camp Review - Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Jay Trail Camp Review - Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Jay Trail Camp is located central to the park and designated for backpackers and bikers on the Skyline-to-the Sea Trail.  It's only .4 miles away from State Park Headquarters (hot showers) and Big Basin Grocery Store (great beer selection).  The campground itself is within a beautiful old-growth redwood forest with Huckleberry bushes as undergrowth.  You are not assigned a specific site when you reserve so it becomes first-come, first-served in a sense.

Each campsite has a bear box to secure your items from raccoons and squirrels in the area.  Sites #7 and #8 have a firepit and picnic table.  Site #6 has a picnic table only.  You are not allowed to make a fire at any of the sites without a pit.

What to Bring:

  • Your feet
  • A backpack with gear
  • Repellant
  • A waterproof torpedo shaped container to hold cash for showers and beer!

Click here to view our to-scale campground site map and 360-degree photo tour.

In the reviews:

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Favorite Sites: 

#7, 8, 2 (in that order)


  • Hiking - Berry Creek Falls, Redwood Nature Trail, Short Loop, Slippery Rock, Blooms Creek, Creeping Forest, Sempervirens Falls, and Buzzards' Roost hikes.

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