December 5, 2019

Rock Creek Lake Campground Review

Rock Creek Lake Campground Review

Rock Creek Lake Campground is located on Rock Creek Lake in the Inyo National Forest - 27 miles south of Mammoth and 33 miles north of Bishop.  This is a fantastic campground for the tent camper/backpacker/hiker/angler/sunrise coffee drinker.

Most of the sites at Rock Creek Lake Campground are walk-in and a good distance from the parking (25-75 feet).  The sites are small, fitting a single 6-person tent at most.  They each offer good privacy from the neighboring site.  Most sites are not in the eye shot of the next campsite.

The terrain at Rock Creek Lake is beautiful and unique.  Each campsite is nestled into the granite rocks of the sloping land leading towards the lake.  Enough space is carved out for a tent pad and picnic table as well as a firepit.  But in most of the sites this is all of the flat land you'll have privy to.  Some of the most ideal sites have beautiful views of the lake or creek as it flows into the lake.  I've listed my favorite sites below with the first two as top-picks.

Rock Creek Lake Campground is very popular because of its' proximity to the many activities of the area.  Plan and book early but be aware that the hot summer months are also the most popular for mosquitos.  It's recommended to book in the early fall when the colors of the aspen start to turn and the annoying mosquitos are hibernating.

Campers enjoy boating (up to 5 mph), fishing, and swimming at the lake.  From the campsites you can walk to a nice day-use beach location.  Rock Creek Lake also has multiple trailheads ranging in difficulty levels and scenic value.  You can check out Rock Creek Lodge for a fabulous overview of the hiking trails in the area.  You can also check out Alltrails for more challenging hikes leading into John Muir Wilderness, Sierra National Forest and Inyo National Forest.

What to Bring:

  • Camera
  • Bug Spray
  • Bug Spray

Click here to review our to-scale campground site map and 360 photo tour.

In the Reviews:

Rated a 4.7/5 on Google Reviews over 34 people.  Cassidy B. said, "This place is top notch for a walk-in campground and is so gorgeous all around the lake.  I even went for a quick five minute swim.  My only complaint was that the mosquitos were a nuisance when at the campsite during breakfast and preparing the campfire/dinner.  I would recommend bring in plenty of bug spray to sustain you for your entire stay here."


Backpacking, hiking, biking (single tracks and dirt roads), OHV, fishing, horseback riding, paddling, boating.  Check out Rock Creek Lodge for details on dining.  You can grab breakfast or a trail lunch here.  Lunch and dinner are served at Rock Creek Lake Resort and Tom's Place (back toward 395).

Favorite Sites:

#23, 5, 4, 3, 20

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